• Questories are being playedin 55 cities
    spread over 5 different countries

    Now they are available in English

  • Somewhere in the Wild West

    Daring train robberies by Black Bill's gang,
    A famous singer is murdered in the 'Seven Moon' saloon,
    The invention of a wonder medicine to cure all diseases...
    Is this all a little too much for such a small town?

  • The séance

    Lord Cornwall, co-owner of the East India Company, has been killed.
    Already three suspects are under arrest, but there’s
    just not enough evidence to press any charges.
    In desperation, Scotland Yard turn to a medium for assistance.
    The relatives of the recently-departed gather together for a séance…

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Questoria franchises are ready-made businesses, proven via the success
achieved in cities across Russia and other CIS countries.

The low cost and fast profitability in the Questoria model distinguishes it from rivals.

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